Can you put a price on your smile?

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Private dental costs vary significantly from practice to practice as does the service and quality of the dentistry performed. A lot of factors need to be taken into consideration and you shouldn’t choose a dentist based on the price only.

Our fees reflect the level of experience we have as well as the equipment and materials used. Our charges also reflect in the appointment length and degree of complexity of treatment provision.

  • New Patient Examination

This is a 60 minutes appointment. It takes time to examine all aspects of your mouth, perform various tests, take multiple x-rays and photographs. You will have our full attention to discuss your concerns and your expectations in a separate room. Please read HERE more details regarding this very important first appointment.

  • Fillings

It takes around 40 minutes on average to perform a single filing. You will need around 60 minutes for a big filling on a molar. Your procedure will be performed using magnification (microscope or loupes) as you can diagnose and treat only what you can see. Enough time is allowed for the local anaesthetic to numb you sufficiently. We almost always use a special insulation layer (dental rubber dam) to prevent any fluids contaminating the cavity. This increases the longevity of the filling as there are no trapped bacteria between the restoration and the tooth. It takes time to shape a tooth correctly. We model the tooth as mother nature intended and this ensures you will not be getting food trapped between your teeth as well as it will last for much longer (it takes greater force to chew on a flat filling that your dentist placed with his finger – similar to cutting with a blunt knife). We polish the filling using special stones and brushes at low rotations to avoid overheating. A well polished filling not only looks better but the smoother surface means no future staining and less pores for bacteria to enter.

  • Working Hours

The only thing we actually own in this world is time. Your time is precious and we try very hard to always see you on time. Our average waiting time is less than 5 minutes. You can visit us after work – late in the evening – or on a Saturday. We work around your busy day and we are currently open until 19:00. We have allocated time in our diaries for same day emergencies. When you are in pain, you want to see the dentist immediately – this is why we prefer to have some spare time daily in case you need to visit us urgently.

  • Materials and Equipment

You will always be treated using the latest equipment and the most advanced materials. We spend a lot of time choosing everything we use. We usually go through a mass amount of clinical researches from independent Universities and institutes. Cost is never the main factor when it comes to choosing materials as we believe you cannot put a price on quality! We are proud and happy being a private dental practice where we are not limited by a budget or the fixed fees set by the government. We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with what is best on the market.

  • Five Years Warranty

You must feel confident that your new smile will last you for a long time. Your treatment is guaranteed for five years (basic terms and conditions apply). There is no small print – only human approach. You can read more HERE.

  • Dental Laboratory

We only work with the best Dental Laboratories in the UK. They are very expensive but the quality is always our main priority. If a crown for example is not sitting properly on the tooth and there is a gap, then decay may appear in this region. If your whitening trays are not perfect and there is a gap between the trays and the tooth, then the whitening gel may leak, which could damage the gum and your teeth will not get any whiter!


If you feel your Treatment Plan is more than you expected, feel free to talk to us about our Interest Free Finance options we have available.


Some people assume Private Dentistry is overly expensive. We would like to invite you for a Free Cosmetic Consultation so that you can explore the realms of modern dentistry and the exciting improvement you can achieve!

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