Five Years Warranty

Five Year Warranty

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Why is Dental Treatment not guaranteed in all dental practices?

Most items you buy today include some form of Guarantee or Warranty, so why not your dental treatment too?

Many Dental Practices offer a Material Guarantee however they do not provide a Warranty on the Treatment they carry out.

At Ferry Dental Centre we are confident that the work we provide is to its highest quality and we believe it is important to provide peace of mind to our patients. Therefore, we provide a 5 year Warranty on all services that we have provided. Our five year warranty includes fillings, dentures, crowns, bridges, implants. Whether you have chipped your filling or broken your crown, which was not your fault, we guarantee to fix this problem free of charge, providing you attend the recommended examination recalls and the treatment was carried out by our dentists within 5 years. Its as easy as that.

If any of your restorations fail for no particular reason within this period and you have been attending your regular examinations at our practice (at the intervals advised by your dentist), then we will happily repair your problem.

There are some sensible restrictions in place – like having an accident or a strong impact on your teeth.

 5 year warranty

Questions & Answers

I had a filling done at Ferry Dental Centre two years ago and it has now broken, what do I do?

If you are our regular patient (attending routine examinations), contact the practice to book an appointment to have this tooth repaired or redone FREE OF CHARGE.

I had a filling done by another dentist last year and now it is broken. When I had my regular examination at Ferry Dental last month, you said this filling was fine.

Unfortunately you will be charged for us to repair or redo this filling. We cannot guarantee work provided by other dentists.

The denture you made me broke whilst eating something very hard.

If you are visiting us regularly for your routine examinations, we will repair your denture free of charge.

I had a crown done at Ferry Dental last year and now it is broken. I couldn’t attend my regular examination as I was abroad.

We will try to repair the crown for a minimum amount, it is a condition of your warranty to attend our Practice for your regular examinations.

I had root canal treatment at Ferry Dental last year and you later advised me to have a crown on this tooth. Instead I opted to have a filling, the filling has come out and now I want a crown.

We provide a 5 (five) years guarantee on all treatment clinically necessary. If we have advised you to have a crown, this is because your tooth was so damaged that a crown was needed to protect the remaining of the tooth. If, for your own reasons, you have not taken our advice, we cannot guarantee your chosen treatment as it was different to the advised.

I had filling done at Ferry Dental a few months ago and it broke while I was abroad. I visited another dentist and I had to pay for a new filling. Will you reimburse me the cost? 

We provide a 5 (five) years guarantee on all treatment provided by us. We can repair or redo your filling free of charge but unfortunately, due to legal complications, we cannot reimburse you the amount paid to another dentist.  We will consider providing you with a discount on your next treatment with us.

I was advised by my dentist to use a night guard as there was evidence of grinding but I didn’t. Now my filing is broken.? 

If the dentist determined a night guard or occlusal guard is necessary to protect your restorative work and your teeth, the warranty will be null and void.

I was told my Oral Hygiene is not good. Will this affect my fillings and the Warranty? 

Good Oral Hygiene (regular brushing, flossing and dental cleanings at the recommended intervals) are of high importance. Unfortunately no warranty can be provided to patients with poor Oral Hygiene.

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