Dental Phobia

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Your tooth starts to ache. Its time to visit the dentist. What do you fear? What exactly is Dental Phobia ? Take a look at the different types of dental phobia listed below and how we can help you overcome your fear.

Fear of the dentist:

Having a fear of the dentist is very common. Some people have suffered from negative experiences, however dentistry has evolved and today dentists tend to offer a rather pleasant experience. We understand that it is very easy to assume that dentists are bad people. If you have experienced visiting several dental clinics, that unfortunately you did not approve of, this does not mean that all dentists confirm to this pattern.

Fear of sights, sounds and smells in the dental environment: Visual, auditory and scent perception are powerful environmental triggers.


Dental Phobia – Sight

If you suffer from dental phobia and the sights you associate with dentistry, this is enough to generate intense feelings of anxiety or even panic.

We have created an environment where you will feel relaxed and nothing will remind you that you are actually visiting the dentist. Feel free to come in, have a look and feel the atmosphere, prior to booking any appointments. We are confident you will find your self feeling relaxed here at Ferry Dental Centre.


Dental Phobia – Smell

If you think of the typical dental surgery smell, then relax – this is outdated now. But certain smells of some antiseptics are unavoidable. Nowadays dental clinics are phobic friendly. At Ferry Dental we have carefully chosen scents that trigger positive thoughts and feelings. All areas of the practice smell pleasant. We believe that even in the surgery you will not notice anything from the past – as we use odour free antiseptics and the process of sterilising instruments is carried out in a different room.


Dental Phobia – Sound

Nowadays dental clinics are not as noisy as they used to be. You must bare in mind that when a noise is inserted in the mouth it sounds much louder than it actually is. It is the dentist’s job to introduce all the equipment to you, regarding how they work and what noise they make. If he/she forgets to tell you about this, don’t hesitate to ask. Sounds are subjective experiences. We all must be aware of the sound of your voice if we cover your ears – it sounds very different and louder. Most patients relate the sound of the dental equipment to the amount of pain, due to past experiences. Whenever the patient hears that sound, the pain perception aggravates even though this is physiologically impossible. If these sounds bother you, ask your dentist for our headphones or thoughts which can divert your attention from the sound. Nowadays, in most of the clinics and hospitals silent background music is played to make the atmosphere phobic friendly. We supply headphones to insulate sound as much as possible. Please ask.


Dental Phobia – Needles

If you suffer from needle phobia you needn’t worry, you are certainly not the only one. Almost 90% of people share this fear. Not all dentists can give painless injections, so to overcome this matter, topical anaesthesia gel is applied on the gum. By applying this gel, the injections are less painless. We have to be honest and admit that some minor discomfort will be experienced, but nothing like pain. Once the injection starts working, you will feel no pain and you will find out that dental procedures are not as terrible as you thought. There are many different approaches and techniques often used to calm nervous patients, such as hypnosis, systematic desensitisation, deep breathing, visualisation, and guided imagery, positive affirmations and reward systems.


Dental Phobia – Embarrassed?

What the dentist really thinks: People who suffer from dental phobia have long known that “intense embarrassment is due to poor dental status or perceived neglect, often with fear of negative social evaluation as chief complaint”. This is extremely common with those suffering from dental phobia. Whatever caused the phobia initially leads to avoidance which in turn means no access to professional dental care, usually resulting in poor oral health and at some stage the results of this neglect are perceived to be so embarrassing that its totally impossible to see the dentist even when in pain.

So this is a humble request, please stop torturing yourself, be upfront about your fears and ask your dentist not to make any comments that you might construe as negative. You cannot change the past, so let’s focus on the future: brush and floss as good as you can and come in to discuss your future. It may help to know that from the dentist’s perspective, the situation looks very different. Dentists have been trained to help people who are experiencing problems with their teeth and gums. It is our role to rectify your oral problems. We are here to help you.

Whatever your current oral condition, we can help you achieve the “Hollywood Smile” you have always dreamed of and you can start smiling again.

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