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The average woman will spend £140,000 to look pretty. A study proves that a British woman will spend £40,000 at the hairdresser and £100,000 on cosmetics in her lifetime. Men, meanwhile, are proved to spend an average of £1700 on clothes and male grooming products.

Although these numbers may sound staggering, this comes as no surprise when a trip to a high street beauty store can cost just as much as a beneficial scale and polish – and who’s to say these pricey cosmetics will even work for you?

A survey found the most important thing we notice in people is their teeth, so why do people complain about their ‘pricey’ visits to the dentist?

It is important for us to be happy and confident to create that all time first impression! Your smile is the centre piece of your face and has an instant impact on other people. It paints a picture of the person behind it. So if you are uncomfortable showing off your teeth this may affect your self -confidence.

So many people don’t realise they have neglected their teeth until the damage is done and we are often looking for a quick fix but teeth and gums require daily care and attention.

Take a look at Ferry Dental’s tips to a warm and healthy smile:

  1. Always find time to make frequent trips to the dentist to start with.
  2. Think of cleaning your teeth as part of your daily beauty routine – like moisturising or applying makeup.
  3. Make sure your toothbrush is in good condition and replace it every 3 months.
  4. Brush in accordance to your dentist’s instructions.
  5. Flossing and mouthwash should be part of our daily routine.

All those years you thought your dentist was just being a nag about your oral hygiene when they were actually helping your self-image! You see, we aren’t so bad after all :)
Are your teeth part of your beauty regime paint


If you want to improve your appearance and you live in Southampton and the surrounding areas, contact us today to book your Free Cosmetic Consultation.

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