When Was Your Last Check-up?

"I dont have toothache so why should i see my dentist for regular check-ups"

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You may not be aware you have problems. Leaving problems untreated makes them more difficult to treat in the future, so it’s best to deal with problems early or, if possible, prevent them altogether.

Early warnings can save lives. Did you know, when you go for your regular dental check-up, your dentist will screen you for any signs of oral cancer? Visiting your dentist for regular check-ups are one of the key factors in preventing oral cancel.

Fillings don’t last forever. Everything has a life expectancy, including your fillings and dental work. Which means those fillings you got when you were younger will eventually need to be replaced for the health of the tooth.

So if you are not sure when your last check-up was, or you know that you are overdue, book a new one.

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