Teeth Whitening

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What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a treatment that involves lightening the shade of your natural teeth. This process is carried out by making custom made trays, designed to fit your teeth. Your dentist will provide you with a special hydrogen peroxide gel (in syringe form) and will demonstrate how and when to carefully use them along with the trays provided.

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There are various dental whitening systems. We currently offer two systems: Boutique and Enlighten Evolution 3.

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Enlighten Smiles (Evolution 3) System

Three appointments are needed:

  1. Consultation and impressions for custom made trays (30 minutes appointment)
  2. After a few days you get the trays (30 minutes appointment). You start using them every night for 14 or 28 days.
  3. After two or four weeks you come for in surgery power whitening (60 minutes). The result is always amazing!

Boutique Whitening System (day or night)

Two appointments are needed:

  1. Consultation and impressions for custom made trays (30 minutes appointment)
  2. After few days you get the trays (15 minutes appointment).  You start using them every day or night for as long as you want.
  3. Most of the time you will achieve the desired shade before using all the gel provided – you can use the remaining gel later on, as and when needed.

You can purchase additional syringes for all systems from our practice. A FREE consultation is required (UK regulations).

If your front teeth are restored (fillings, crown, veneers, etc) we can exchange them for whiter. Contact us to book a free consultation appointment. Whitening will not affect the colour of any dental restorations.


We Are An Accredited Enlighten Centre.

Questions and Answers

How white will my teeth get?

Most dental systems can whiten teeth up to 16 shades; results vary but if used correctly all teeth will whiten dramatically.

Will they look too white?

No, natural teeth rarely look too white. Sometimes very white crowns can look wrong because they are made of porcelain.

Will my crowns, veneers or fillings change colour?

No, sometimes you may need to change some of these after bleaching.

Is there pain or discomfort?

You may get some transient sensitivity, however your dentist will give you easy to use desensitising swabs to take home or a toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

How long does it take?

Two weeks after your dentist delivers your bleaching trays. These are thin and comfortable and must be worn in bed for 14 nights, then on the 15th day you are advised to see your dentist for a review.

How long does it last?

Results can last indefinitely with some very simple maintenance – wearing the trays for 1 night every other month.

Why is dental whitening more expensive?

The combinations of peroxides we use are far stronger to anything you will find in a beauty spa or on the high street.

Is it safe?

Completely, the materials used in the whitening agent (gel) have been used in dentistry for over 100 years.


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Enlighten Evolution 3 whitening – B1 Guaranteed

Enlighten Evolution 3 is the only whitening system in the world to guarantee VITA shade B1 on every case irrespective of starting shade. Evolution 3 combines near zero sensitivity with the legendary predictability that the evolution system has always been known for. There are no lights, no dehydration whitening and no gingival protection.Enlighten’s signature home system is acknowledged as the technology leader in professional teeth whitening. Every aspect has been fully optimised for predictability and ease of use.



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