Sports Mouth Guard

over-the-counter or custom fit

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What is a Sports Mouth guard?

A custom made mouth guard is a soft plastic device. These are made to fit perfectly to your mouth ensuring protection against the injuries of contact sports.


Why do I need one?

Mouth guards are essential in protecting yourself from many injuries. Some of these are listed below:

  • Broken teeth
  • Loss of teeth
  • Lip and cheek injuries
  • Fractured jaws
  • Concussions


“Do I really need a custom-fit mouth guard, or will an over-the-counter mouth guard work just as well?”

Over-the-counter mouth guards are made from a pliable plastic, that with constant chewing, teeth clenching, and grinding wears down much quicker than the strong material used to make custom-fit mouth guards.
This means that over the course of a few months, over-the-counter mouth guards can break or become deformed and may no longer provide the same level of protection. Custom-made guards ensure the most comfortable fit and optimal protection against injuries. They are also longer lasting in comparison to over-the-counter variations.


How are they made?

The process of making a custom made sports guard is a very easy procedure, and is completed within two appointments. Firstly we need to ensure your teeth are perfectly clean. This provides us with an accurate impression, which leads to a seamless fitting guard. We will then send your impressions to our laboratory which will design and provide us with a bespoke mouth guard unique to your mouth. After a few days, on your second appointment we fit the mouth guard.



More information about Mouth guards:


A Mouth guard, also known as a sports guard, is a protective device for your mouth.

They are often used to protect the teeth and gums, preventing injury to the teeth, lips and gums.

In addition, mouth guards can also protect your head from concussion.

They are recommended for all kinds of different sports including rugby, wrestling, boxing and hockey.

Studies show that athletes are 60 times more likely to suffer injury to the mouth if a mouth guard is not worn.



What Exactly Is a Mouth Guard?

A mouth guard typically covers the upper teeth and acts as a shock absorber in the mouth to protect from excessive forces. A well-made mouth guard adapts smoothly to the upper teeth and gums, staying firmly in place, even when speaking, breathing heavily or playing actively. Here at Slave Lake Dental we have a variety of colour choices to choose from such as standard colours, neon, glitter, tie dye and even half and half (example: Half red, half blue).

There are three types of mouth guards. There are stock mouth guards, boil and bite mouth guards, and custom made mouth guards. Stock mouth guards come pre-formed, ready to wear but unfortunately they do not fit very well and therefore do not offer the best protection from injuries. Boil and bite mouth guards come in a pre-formed shape made out of materials that are resilient under normal conditions but become pliable when heated. They are altered by boiling the mouth guard in water then biting into the warm plastic for a slightly customized fit. These two types of mouth guards are purchased from sports stores and can be bulky, put stress on your jaw if they do not fit right and may make breathing and talking difficult.

Custom made mouth Guards are individually designed and made here at the Slave Lake Dental office. Not surprisingly, they provide the most comfortable fit and best protection. Most athletes prefer customized mouth guards because they fit and feel better than alternative mouth guards. A better fit makes them allows the wearer to talk easier and to breathe easier while breathing while playing. Custom made mouth guards are less bulky, last longer due to the quality of the materials, and are more comfortable.

The ideal mouth guard is resilient, durable, comfortable, fits properly, is easy to clean and should not affect your ability to breathe or speak.

As children and adolescent mouths continue to grow and teeth continue to develop into adulthood, it is best to replace your mouth guard after each sport season to ensure a good fit.



Care for Your Mouth Guard so it  Cares for You!

Follow these quick steps to keep your mouth guard in the best of shape:

  • Rinse your mouth guard with cold water or a mouthwash and air dry before and after each use.
  • Store your mouth guard in a ventilated, rigid plastic container.
  • Keep it away from excessive heat and cold, and from direct sunlight.
  • Occasionally clean your mouth guard by using a mild soap, water and a soft toothbrush.
  • Mouth guards become less effective over time as they wear down from regular use and should be replaced when they get torn or become too loose or too thin. Check your mouth guard regularly for wear and tear.


Benefits of Custom Sports Mouth Guards

An estimated 200,000 high school and college students experience sports-related mouth injuries every year. Some of the benefits of our custom sports mouth guards are as follows:

  • Reducing the likelihood of concussions and neck injuries
  • Protecting your teeth, gums, and jaw bones
  • Saving you time and money spent for corrective dental procedures
  • Custom fitting to mould to the shape and size of your teeth, gums, and bone structure
  • Reducing mouth injuries by stabilizing your jaw and reducing the force of impacts