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Implantology refers to the discipline that focuses on dental implants as a routine form of tooth replacement, as opposed to dentures (in particular) or bridges.

Herein, a titanium base is “implanted” into the bone, on to which an artificial tooth (or teeth, as required) is then placed, to ultimately replicate the instance of a real tooth or set of teeth.

The implication in this case is essentially to do away with all the discomfort and readjustment of life which typically accompanies the usage of dentures; with implants in place, there is really no cause for concern since the artificial teeth obtained are almost identical to the real or natural teeth which were prevalent, prior to tooth loss.

Oral Surgery

Dental implant is the only tooth replacement procedure that imitates nature: chewing forces are transferred to the bone ( where as using a denture the forces will be applied on the gum and using a bridge, on the adjacent teeth – abutments ).




Dental Implants

Dental implants are small metal screws that are inserted below the gum line, into the actual jawbone itself. The screw is made of titanium, a metal used in surgery because the human body does not reject it like it does other forms of steel. These artificial tooth-roots are placed into the jawbone and are subsequently restored with beautiful and natural crown work or bridgework.Dental implants offer a permanent solution for your missing teeth.

Our Dentists offer simple, reliable and long-lasting results for patients of any age who are missing teeth or experiencing the frustrations of loose, decayed and broken teeth. Our dentist can ask you to have an X-ray or a CT scan done so that they can check the thickness of your jawbone and the position of other structures in your mouth. Dental implant surgery is usually done under local anaesthesia.

If you have irreparably damaged or missing teeth due to an accident, injury or dental disease, these can be replaced by dental implants.

There are different kind of implants:

  • Single tooth Implant
  • Implant Retained Bridge
  • Overdenture
  • Full Arch Restoration

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Restore missing Teeth with a dental implant in Southampton

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Excellent service and friendly. Highly recommended
Renato PereiraRenato Pereira
22:11 24 Jun 24
Brilliant dental practice!All staff is really kind and professional.Really easy to book or reschedule appointments.I'm really grateful with services provided by my dentist and hygienist and I highly recommend.Keep up the good work !
Michel ToméMichel Tomé
11:52 20 Jun 24
I have had terrible experiences at dentists in the past where treatments have been rushed or very painful, but this wasn’t the case with Ferry Dental. Instead of rushing into a specific treatment, all options have been explored and explained by Dr. Iuri and all my questions were answered before jumping into any decisions. All staff are super friendly and professional, definitely recommend.
Andreia TomeAndreia Tome
11:45 20 Jun 24
Hands down the best dentist I have been too! I was very anxious about dentists and had been avoiding it for way longer than I should have. Dr. Iuri is extremely professional and made me feel at ease straight away. Ferry dental have been amazing, friendly receptionists, accommodating and extremely professional!
Carina CabralCarina Cabral
10:46 20 Jun 24
Ferry Dental Centre are my dentists since 2022 and I am very happy with service and professionalism.
James CruzatJames Cruzat
13:05 24 May 24
The doctor and the staff is really nice and gentle.They give me special treatment and they deliver excellent job..what else can I say is well done and a full star of appreciation for the job.Thank you very much
Francesco MesoracaFrancesco Mesoraca
04:09 24 May 24
Just completed my clearcorrect treatment and after 12 months with Dr Marwa the results are fantastic.
09:24 04 May 24
I express my deep gratitude to the entire team of the Ferry Dental Centre I would like to express my gratitude to absolutely every employee. Thank you all so much for your attention, kindness, and high professionalism!!! Especially Dr. Yuri! I recommend to all.
11:47 02 May 24
Ferry Dental Centre is an exceptional place for all your dental needs. Dr. Juri stands out as a highly skilled and professional dentist who truly cares about his patients. The staff at Ferry Dental Centre are welcoming, and the office has a warm and friendly atmosphere that puts patients at ease.Dr. Juri's expertise and gentle approach make dental visits comfortable and stress-free. I highly recommend Ferry Dental Centre for top-notch dental care.
Zoe JacksonZoe Jackson
20:03 14 Apr 24
I have had a fantastic experience with Ferry Dental.I approached them as an anxious patient (having not been to the dentist for nearly a decade) and the staff were so friendly and calming. Despite having a big cry before my first appointment my consultation was fantastic and I left feeling much more comfortable with the prospect of going to the dentist.Since then I’ve had many appointments with Marwa (orthodontist) and the hygienist and no longer dread or cry before appointments. Marwa in particular is so kind and friendly and always checks in with me throughout appointments to make sure I’m calm and happy.All the staff have been so friendly and know who I am and have been fully informed of my anxiety. It’s been very relieving to go from appointment to appointment and each practitioner knows exactly who I am, what I’ve had done, and really look after me as an individual.Also a massive shout out to the reception team (particularly Anna) who are always so so friendly and greet me by name and know who I am.I highly recommend this dentist - particularly those who hate going to the dentist and/or suffer from anxiety. A massive thank you to Ferry Dental for helping me get over my fear of the dentist ❤️
Adrian NeagoieAdrian Neagoie
15:49 22 Jan 24
I had a great experience at Ferry Dental Centre. The staff was very friendly and professional, and the facility was clean and modern. Dr Denis took the time to explain everything to me and I felt very comfortable throughout my visit. I will definitely be recommending Ferry Dental Centre to my friends and family.