Drinking water helps sexual performance

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Drinking water is essential for your health – and for your partner!

Our bodies are made of 60% water, and staying hydrated helps your system distribute healthy nutrients, gets rid of waste, gives your skin a healthy glow and keeps your muscles moving.

Drinking water is also one of the best things you can do for your teeth – especially if it’s fluoridated.

Drinking water with fluoride, which is “nature’s cavity fighter” is one of the easiest and most beneficial things you can do to help prevent cavities. Fluoride is a mineral and in the right amount, fluoride in drinking water strengthens teeth.

Water will keep your mouth moist and help wash away any plaque. Water is a great mouth cleaner because it washes away leftover food and residue that could cause cavities. Saliva is your mouth’s first defence against tooth decay. By drinking enough water, you help prevent dry mouth and ensure that your saliva is produced at an optimal rate.

Visit your Dentist if you are worried about existing cavities or gum condition.

Drinking water will help keep odour under control because it helps wash away food particles and bacteria, the primary cause of bad breath.

  • Drinking enough water can help a person feel better on several levels, including sexual performance, brain function and maintains blood pressure.

Your brain is strongly influenced by hydration status. Dehydration can impair energy levels and mood, and lead to major reductions in memory and brain performance. Roughly two-thirds of the human body consists of water, so dehydration affects most of the body’s functions. In studies, dehydration has been associated with increased fatigue, anger, and confusion as well as mood problems.

Cold water increases your metabolism and can help with weight loss. The body has to expend more energy to increase temperature after drinking cold H2O. This means you burn more calories.

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