Thank you for being a valued patient of Ferry Dental Centre.

Do You Care About Your Loved Ones?

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Do You Care About Your Loved Ones?

Do you remember when you were on the hunt for a good dentist? Endlessly searching for someone you could trust – asking friends, reading reviews, browsing online, the fear of the unknown?

You were probably looking for someone who could solve your dental problems and treat you with patience and care. As a patient of Ferry Dental Centre, we hope you have found everything you’re looking for – but have your family and friends found their ‘forever dentist’ yet?

At Ferry Dental, we work hard to ensure a rewarding experience for all our patients – compassionate staff, excellent treatment, the best equipment and materials, and importantly, our attention and time. A good dentist should take their time, both with explaining the treatment and with carrying it out. If your friends’ dentists aren’t living up to this standard, ask them; do their dentists do any of the following?

  1. Discuss your options mid-treatment. No one can fully concentrate when lying back in the dental chair, mouth wide open and full of water, hands and instruments. Does your dentist expect you to discuss your treatment options like this?
  2. Hide behind leaflets. Some dentists will hand you reading content to explain your treatment and expect you to go through it at home. This saves the dentist time, but nothing beats a face-to-face discussion where you can ask questions and discuss any worries you might have. There’s nothing wrong with being given leaflets, but only after your treatment has been discussed in person and all your questions answered.
  3. Use technical jargon. All professions have jargon, but using complex terminology to explain your diagnosis and treatment is not helpful to anyone. A skilled dentist will explain it to you without relying on jargon, and will take their time to ensure you fully understand everything and are at ease.
  4. Bulldozing. Some dentists will talk treatment to you until you are worn down and just say yes. Nothing in dentistry is so life-or-death that you need to decide right then and there! A good dentist will always respect your ability to make your own informed decisions about your treatment, but be on hand with advice should you ever need it.

If your family or friends are looking for a good dentist, we would be happy to take just as good care of them as we have of you. Whether they become patients with us or not, just knowing there is a good dentist nearby provides peace of mind. Don’t you wish you had heard about us sooner?

Thank You

Now that your treatment has been completed, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust. We hope we have more than met your expectations.

As our practice is built on referrals from satisfied patients, please feel free to share our contact details with friends and family members.

We would also appreciate it if you could spare two minutes to put into writing any comments you have regarding your experience with Ferry Dental.

To leave a review, just search on Google Maps for ‘Ferry Dental Southampton’ and click on ‘Write a review’ on the right-hand side of the page, or CLICK HERE.

We donate to charity for every review we receive, so thank you in advance for enabling us to do so. You can read the Charity section of our website for more details on the charities we support.

Here are a few examples of the areas our patients comment on in reviews:

  • How quickly did you get your appointment?
  • The manner in which you were welcomed
  • Were you treated with dignity and respect by our staff?
  • General cleaningness and hygiene of the practice
  • Explanation of treatment and costs
  • How satisfied were you with the outcome of your treatment?
  • How satisfied were you in general?
  • Any improvements needed/additional comments

Thank you again for being a valued patient of Ferry Dental Centre.

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