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Dental Floss. Can you think of any stronger love/hate relationship?

No one will agree that they love to floss, but it is important to clean interdentally (between your teeth) including in-between dental crowns and implants). So if you are among those people who don’t floss perhaps it is time to consider a different alternative.

What is the alternative you ask? An oral irrigator, also known as a water flosser or air flosser. These great little devices pressure water and/or air through a small nozzle which gets in-between your teeth and under your gums gently, providing a more comfortable experience.


Clinical studies show that the Water Flosser is up to:

  • 51% more effective than dental floss for reducing gingivitis
  • 2 times as effective as dental floss at reducing gingival bleeding
  • 29% more effective as dental floss at removing plaque


The staff at Ferry Dental, Southampton, love using their Water flosser / Air Flosser! Dr Papantonis, Dentist at Ferry Dental, always admits to his patients that he does not floss and this is the reason why!

Pros of using a Water Flosser / Air Flosser:

  • Gentle on the gums (less likely to cause bleeding)
  • Ideal for people who wear braces
  • Ideal for people who do not have enough time to floss properly. It only takes a minute !
  • Can be used with teeth that are crowned ( lack of access makes it difficult to floss around crowns or bridges)
  • Ideal for dental implants
  • Ideal for those who have crooked misaligned teeth
  • Can be used with Mouthwash (instead of water) – even more beneficial
  • Quicker than using floss and very easy to use


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