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Are you worried about the cost of your dental treatment?

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Some of our patients are interested in joining a Dental Plan or Dental Insurance.

We encourage most of our patients to get dental insurance as it is a smart way of spreading the cost of your dental treatment. With some policies you may get back more than what you have paid!


What is a Dental Plan?  Do you offer one?

We believe in the choice of freedom and this is why we have decided not to offer a dental plan. Dental Plan (sometimes called capitation scheme) is when you pay to a provider a monthly fee and then you get free examinations and free cleanings (scale & polish) as well as a small discount from the normal charges. Usually the cost of the examinations and the cleanings is very similar to the annual cost of the dental plan. The issue is that you have to visit us and only us for your dental treatment and if you visit another practice you will have to pay their normal charges. We want you to keep on visiting us because of the high quality treatment we provide and not because you have been paying every month. If, for any reason, you are unhappy with our services or you have moved then the choice is yours to visit another dentist. We will provide you (free of charge) all your x-rays and intra-oral photographs so that your new dentist will be able to provide you with better care.


What is Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance, is when you and sometimes your employer as well, pay a monthly fee to a provider. When you visit us (or any dentist) you pay us normally and then you claim this charge back from your insurer. The benefit is massive: you can visit any dentist you want and most of the times the insurance company will pay most of the charges back to you – usually by BACS – once you submit your receipts.

There are a lot of different types of policies but most of them will cost you between £20 – £50 per month with an annual cover of £500 – £2000. Some insurers cover even implants or orthodontic braces.


Which is the best Dental Insurance Company?

Every insurer offers different levels of coverage and it is very difficult to distinguish the best one. Depending on your needs, some policies may be more fit for your particular needs than others. Most insurers have a short qualifying period (1-3 months) but they will pay for pre-existing conditions.

A lot of employers offer Dental Insurance to their employees as an employee perk. First check with your employer as they also contribute to the monthly cost.

As the level of coverage varies a lot, you are advised to visit us for a (free of charge) Cosmetic Consultation. This way you will get an idea of the cost of your treatment and the type of treatment needed so that you can make an informed decision when choosing your insurer and the level.

We have seen policies paying up to £5,000 per year for implants and £300 for fillings. This policy would not be ideal for someone who needs fillings worth £500!

Contact us today to book your Free Cosmetic Consultation.

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James CruzatJames Cruzat
13:05 24 May 24
The doctor and the staff is really nice and gentle.They give me special treatment and they deliver excellent job..what else can I say is well done and a full star of appreciation for the job.Thank you very much
Francesco MesoracaFrancesco Mesoraca
04:09 24 May 24
Just completed my clearcorrect treatment and after 12 months with Dr Marwa the results are fantastic.
09:24 04 May 24
I express my deep gratitude to the entire team of the Ferry Dental Centre I would like to express my gratitude to absolutely every employee. Thank you all so much for your attention, kindness, and high professionalism!!! Especially Dr. Yuri! I recommend to all.
11:47 02 May 24
Ferry Dental Centre is an exceptional place for all your dental needs. Dr. Juri stands out as a highly skilled and professional dentist who truly cares about his patients. The staff at Ferry Dental Centre are welcoming, and the office has a warm and friendly atmosphere that puts patients at ease.Dr. Juri's expertise and gentle approach make dental visits comfortable and stress-free. I highly recommend Ferry Dental Centre for top-notch dental care.
Zoe JacksonZoe Jackson
20:03 14 Apr 24
I have had a fantastic experience with Ferry Dental.I approached them as an anxious patient (having not been to the dentist for nearly a decade) and the staff were so friendly and calming. Despite having a big cry before my first appointment my consultation was fantastic and I left feeling much more comfortable with the prospect of going to the dentist.Since then I’ve had many appointments with Marwa (orthodontist) and the hygienist and no longer dread or cry before appointments. Marwa in particular is so kind and friendly and always checks in with me throughout appointments to make sure I’m calm and happy.All the staff have been so friendly and know who I am and have been fully informed of my anxiety. It’s been very relieving to go from appointment to appointment and each practitioner knows exactly who I am, what I’ve had done, and really look after me as an individual.Also a massive shout out to the reception team (particularly Anna) who are always so so friendly and greet me by name and know who I am.I highly recommend this dentist - particularly those who hate going to the dentist and/or suffer from anxiety. A massive thank you to Ferry Dental for helping me get over my fear of the dentist ❤️
Adrian NeagoieAdrian Neagoie
15:49 22 Jan 24
I had a great experience at Ferry Dental Centre. The staff was very friendly and professional, and the facility was clean and modern. Dr Denis took the time to explain everything to me and I felt very comfortable throughout my visit. I will definitely be recommending Ferry Dental Centre to my friends and family.