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Air Polishing

Dental hygiene treatments are a great way of preventing oral health diseases, but they also help to keep your teeth looking radiant, healthy and clean. Oral hygiene treatments are designed to remove bacteria from the mouth and to clean and polish the teeth, and a trip to the dental hygienist can make a massive difference on the look and feel of your teeth. A dental hygienist can achieve amazing results and you won’t believe how smooth your teeth feel and how glossy and bright they look.

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Staining occurs as a result of neglecting your oral hygiene, but it can also be caused by drinking coffee, red wine or tea on a regular basis and smoking.

Air polishing is a relatively new treatment, which polishes the teeth and removes stains to leave your smile looking bright and beautiful. Air abrasion is completely painless, there is no need for needles and injections and the results are visible instantaneously!

Air polishing uses compressed air to blow aluminium oxide into the mouth to gently remove stains and polish the surfaces of the teeth, giving you a fresh feeling and a radiant smile. It is similar to abrasive sand blasting but more gentle (jet of powder, driven by compressed air and water). When the powder hits the surfaces of the teeth, it blows the staining producing clean, smooth pearly whites. Air abrasion is an ideal treatment for patients who want an intensive cleaning treatment and a brighter, whiter smile; the procedure does not take long and you will be amazed at the results.

  • PRICE: £140 for 50 minutes (ultra sonic scale & air abrasion polish)

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